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Welcome to the exciting world of the Telecom Institute of New York-the first of its kind in the United States! Join us as we take you on a journey through our comprehensive programs and unrivaled opportunities for a rewarding career in the booming cell phone industry.

Accredited by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and backed by the prestigious State University of New York, the Telecom Institute of New York is your gateway to quality education and professional growth.


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Our state of the art facility is located in Forest Hills, New York

TINY is one of the first wireless repair institutes in the United States.We prepare our students and clients for the future. Technology is constantly changing from hardware, products and services, operating systems and much more. Customers buying patterns are also changing. Our wireless repair courses from beginner to Level 2 WISE certified provide the building blocks for success.

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WISETM Certification is a globally recognized certification program that validates the knowledge and skills of wireless device repair technicians. Built by industry members and managed by CTIA, the wireless industry association, the program is a way for technicians to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to employers and customers, and to set themselves apart from the competition.

— Ctia

l recommend for anyone to participate at the Telecom institute of New York due to its outstanding delivery of education in the wireless industry. I was there for my leadership course where the trainer, Alfredo, was absolutely knowledgeable, patient, funny, exciting, and most importantly a treasure of a facilitator. I'm so proud that my certificate is accredited by TINY, and the state of New York . I've applied to be an Assistant Manager in a wireless retail store and I'm super confident that with the help at TINY , I am well prepared for the job.

— Former students

We at Delta Enterprise express our wholehearted endorsement of the Telecom Institute of New York (TINY). As a company deeply rooted in the dynamic world of smartphones and telecommunications, we understand the paramount importance of skilled professionals in smartphone repair. TINY has consistently proven to be a premier institution dedicated to nurturing and certifying individuals in this essential field.

— Delta Enterprise

Best Wireless wholeheartedly recommends the Telecom Institute of New York (TINY) an exemplary institution that has taken a pioneering stride in the realm ofwireless sales and business management As an authorized Verizon retailer operating numerous successful retail stores we are keenly aware of the critical role that skilled professionals play in our industry. TINY has consistently demonstrated its commitment to nurturing exceptional talents that align seamlessly with the demands of the wireless retail sector.

— Best Wireless

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